Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sitting Pretty Glamour Puss!

Refurbished Telephone Table

Recently we purchased a lovely little telephone table and decided to give it a little make over!

 I replaced the original seat cushion with some Cath Kidston oilskin, the original foam inner had reduced to powder so I replaced that with a new piece.
I then painted the drawer to pull in the colour of the roses and kept the original handle as I love the detailing on it.

Hubby refitted the cushion into place but we could not get the edges flush ( some of the fabric is bulging) so we will give this another go this weekend - we may have to pull it tighter on its mounting block.

** Please Note: Props Completely staged as toddler would be dialling for Africa and he likes to edit my cook books ....ah toddlers! The drawer currently serves as a place to post items and he likes to put his sippy cup on the shelves.

Oilskin: Cath Kidston Chloe Sky from MYstyle, Cambridge NZ
Paint Colour: Resene Paints Glamour Puss

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  1. That looks really nice, good job revamping such a neat bit of furniture.