Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Boy

Season changes always bring a different light into your home and a time to ponder about what changes you are going to make about the next 6 months. Recently I decided to slow down, focus on family and my make up business, to be honest I have struggled with slowing down after being used to the faster pace of life I am now struggling to find my feet or a pace I am comfortable with.
Corvan on the other speeding up! He HAS found his feet and growing more confident everyday, it seems as well as finding his feet he has also found the ability of speed and cheekiness.
There has been much coffee table climbing, bed climbing, discovering new treasure and the posting new treasures......I pity those who visit and give them his keys as they are often the recipient of hidden keys.

Today he got to indulge in his love of animals visiting a friends horse and her hand reared sheep, I had to hold him back for the protection of Ms Sheepie! It was worth the giggles and his attempt to bury his head in her wool!

On the topic of slowing down, another mother shared this blog Practicing Simplicity which has helped with some of my underlying thoughts of late.

P.s - as you can see someone is becoming quite the redhead, throw back gene?

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