Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Boy

Miserable little boy this week
molars cutting
much grizzling, laughing turning into crying
frustrations and hugging of teddy
games of rolling all over our bed, laughing and bouncing
denial of crackers....must be sore, never denies crackers!

.............much mummy juice ( aka wine )


  1. Poor baby (and poor mama!). Ayana did this a a little while back for about a week and then did a crazy 12 hour sleep at the end of it. She woke up the next morning walking! So you never know what might be coming :). In the mean time enjoy the mummy juice! xx

  2. yes I don't think he is far off! I keep turning around and finding him standing in the middle of the room and then he realises I'm watching at sits down...cheeky boy