Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Burlesque Au Revior but not good bye!

** I had this post peppered with lots of lovely images of my past 6 years but Blogger decided to spit the dummy! This is the best edit I could achieve xx
At the start of this year I began to evaluate commitments , family life and the growth and goals of The Sweet Painted Lady. As a result I decided it was time to make a few changes to focus on our little family and my business, one of those changes was to step back from the performance aspect of Burlesque.
I have been performing burlesque in NZ for 6 years and enjoyed every (99%) moment. I have encountered many encouraging and amazing individuals, attended inspiring workshops and meet many great international performers.
Miss Tittle Tattle ( Michelle) gave me the foundation and confidence to begin with when I attended her Bombshell Burlesque classes where I then taught and moved into performance.

I have learnt many lessons from Burlesque beyond the standard quoted confidence and self acceptance. A burlesque performer learns to have thick skin, be a  judge of character, develop and understanding that not everyone will appreciate your performances/ character so don't spend your time chasing their acceptance. You learn to be a costumier, thrifty, to live out of a suitcase, couch surf and make last minute decisions. Don't take yourself too seriously, learn to adlib if something doesn't go to plan and trust your gut instinct. Be innovative and passionate as this will pull through the slower parts of the performance season. Rehearse, rehearse,rehearse, dance to music you love , own your space, your character and the stage and above all be true to yourself!

I'm looking forward to seeing our current performers evolve, watch new ones emerge, to see new innovations, be shocked, laugh and be in awe. Thank you for all the experiences, the laughs, the tears, the back stage and on stage antics. Your support from behind the scenes or on the seated chair in front of me

Clitter and all that jazz!  xxxx
Rosina Lee  

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