Monday, March 31, 2014

Beach Hop Caravans - lots of pics

The weekend been the girls and I headed over to Beach Hop in Whangamata. The weather was stunning ad the crowds massive, everyone seemed to be having a great time which made for a great relaxed vibe. The high light of my day was the looking at all the cute caravans........I need one in my life! hop - Caravans and more.....I need one in my life

Those flamingo's....sigh!

Beach hop - Caravans and more.....I need one in my life
Image borrowed from Amy...cheers~


  1. GORGEOUS!! I so should have stopped and wandered around, but thankfully you took photos!! Next year I shall make the effort. Yes I too dream of a little caravan all cute and cosy. I have that tea cosy with the bees and plants on, lady knits and sells them on TM.

  2. That is one VERY cute caravan! Aww I'm gutted we couldn't make it down this time. It looks like it was an awesome one. He he and it would have been funny too because it would have marked 5 years since Nic and I met on the dance floor in the rock n roll tent :).