Monday, February 17, 2014

The week that was and is

the week that was

The last couple of weeks have been full on with lots of shows, rehearsals,clients and of course family life! This Thursday I jett off ( well jump on the bus ) to Napier to perform at Cabaret Royale before jumping back on the bus the following morning to head back to Hamilton to perform at Sergeants and Sirens.
I'm looking forward to grabbing an hour or so in Napier to explore and take shots of all its Deco Glory and hopefully catch up with some friends who will be there for Art Deco Weekend.
My mother in law is quite the gem and is also busing up Wednesday to hang out with the little man while I'm away.....its all go in our house!~

1. Casual at home trying out new products
2. New products! Excited to try out my new Sigma Kabuki
3. Little man has discovered he can walk up and down the steps, opening a whole new world of the deck to him.
4. Napiers Cabaret Royale Poster - I will be performing at The Cabana
5. I really wanted to make little man a pom pom mat but I brought Hamilton out of them ( ha) and its nowhere big enough so will transform it into something else.
6. New Sleek Matt Brights palette to play with.
7. Before clients, light make up - at 10.30 we were already at 26 degrees

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  1. Sounds like you have an amazing (if not a little hectic) weekend ahead of you! Oh pretty please post some photos from Napier? I've been wanting to go for years and still haven't made it yet!