Saturday, February 8, 2014

Le Keux Whistle Bait and Black Cadillac product review

I had planned to do this review a little while ago but life happened  so here is my review on Le Keux Cosmetics.
Recently I was given some Le Keux products from the New Zealand Supplier Debonaire Doo's to review.
Le Keux Cosmetics ia a U.K base company and is the creation of Lynsey Le Keux and hair stylist Diablo Rose. They both wanted a product that would meet their clients needs and was pleasing to look at.

Le Keux Cosmetics, Sweet Painted Lady

On receiving the Black Cadillac eyeliner and Whistle Bait lip paint I was impressed with the packaging. The boxes are well designed with tips on each side, the pots themselves are a good weight, not flimsy and look great on the dressing table.

I like that the products are in a pot which means no product wastage and for a make up artist it is easier to keep sterile between clients.

First up I tried the Black Cadillac eyeliner, it notes that it is Vegan Friendly ( bonus!)  on their site, high Pigment and easy to use. On the side of the box it demonstrates three eyeliner looks you can choose from; Rockabilly, Classic and Femme fatale - a great visual guide for those just starting out with vintage eye make up.
It took me a few goes to soften the eyeliner up but once it was it glides on like a dream, I don't have the Le Keux Dual end brush so substituted with my fine tip eyeliner brush.

Next I tried the Whistle Bait lip paint, on opening the pot I noted it was scented, now normally I don't like scented lipsticks but this brought back some childhood nostalgia and could help but keep smelling it trying to pin point the smell...Cherry!

The side of the box demonstrates that it can be worn Matt ( Apply, blot and dust with translucent powder ) Hollywood( Apply, Blot and reapply) and Gloss ( Apply and leave as is).
I love the intensity of the Red when I painted it on and was impressed that it was still on my lips an hour later when I checked.
You can check out stockists here if you are interested in trying Le Keux Cosmetics.

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