Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Boy

Someone has a taste for Mid Century furniture like mum and dad...cheeky monkey

Can you believe it? Our little boy is One next week! and with that he is hitting milestones faster than I can blink. 
Over Christmas little boy decided that he was going to stand, take his first assisted steps and walk around furniture all while poor da was stuck half way up the country, fortunately I had my camera ready for the second time he decided to give it ago.

Since then his confidence has grown and he is now ventured in to the I want everything and I will try and get everything...determined little fella ( also known as boundary pushing )! As a result he is on a laptop and mobile ban due to his screaming and insistence that he must have each item....we affectionately call him Terra after the sound we think a prehistoric dinosaur would make and the fact he seems to reach frequency's only heard to dogs in the neighbour kidding!
Like most energetic boys, he eats well, he moves at full throttle and experiments with everything and I can only imagine that he will begin walking and mama will begin running and quickly putting things high out of reach. I have began watching with amusement as he stretches onto tippy toes determined to get things off the dining table or bench....only he is not that far off and if its close to the edge then he scores a new treasure! Ah the life of brand new discovery's and countless treasures that mummy just wont let me have! No fair!

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