Friday, January 17, 2014

Max Factor - Make up revolutionalist

Recently I enjoyed reading the Max Factor ( Faktor ) story " The Man Who Changed The Faces Of The World" by Fred E Basten. The book is a fascinating look at Max Factors personal and business story and how he made his way to America and then revolutionised the Make Up world.
Max Factor, Jean Harlow
Max Factor

Max Factor is most famous for the development and introduction of Pancake makeup to meet the needs of shooting in Technicolour. Pancake was an immediate success with starlets, studios and later on the public ( 1938 ) when development of different shades meant that it accessible for the everyday women to wear. Pancake became the fastest and largest selling make up of all time.
Vintage Makeup

The book is fascinating and I recommend it to anyone interested in film and make up history, it certainly changed how I view the brand and as a result I have purchased more of the products .You can purchase it at Poppies bookshops here in NZ or via Amazon

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