Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coming up roses

Wow! time is flying at the moment and we have been getting a lot sorted and organised. On the weekend little boy and I had a shared BBQ for our birthdays, inviting some friends over, enjoying the sun and each others company. We were super spoilt and little boy received many trucks and cars to keep his wheel fascination in check for some time. This morning we took the next leap and enrolled him into a day-care centre. We had a look around and it has beautiful natural light, lovely gardens and everyone seemed busy and content. As a added bonus I was offered relieving work there which will be a lovely perk as I can see our son during the day, do what I love and still have time to work on clients at the Sweet Painted Lady!

We then ducked into town for a little bit afterwards and I found a great 50's frock for $6! ( rare these days price wise), had morning tea with Andrew and brought a new art Journal! So all in all its been a rather eventful and lovely day.

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