Sunday, December 8, 2013

The weekend that was: Diamond Carousel and a Hens Night!

This weekend we had a fabulous Friday night in Auckland celebrating Michelle's Hens do at Venus Starr's Diamond Carousel. I was looking forward to glamming up, hanging out with the ladies and seeing some of the best burlesque performers in New Zealand and the amazing Imogen Kelly from Australia.
We headed into town and meet in Karen's room at the lovely Langam before making our way to the CG Whiskey Lounge for the show. The show and venue were amazing! we had great seats close to the stage, Piotr the mc kept the audience on their toes and took no prisoners. The show was a delectable dish of New Zealand's top burlesque talent which held us mesmerised with their glamour, moves and anticipation of what they were going to do next! Then Imogen came on and I admit I was a little awe struck, her performance to Claire De Lune held me transfixed and a little teary. Venus Starr produced a slick and well organised show, it flowed beautifully and was a great reflection of why she won Best Producer this year at the New Zealand Golden Garters.
After the show we traipsed up K road in search of food to absorb the bubbles and settled into a pizza place for a few laughs and singing to 90's music! YES it was a epic night!

My look for the evening


If you would like to see some beautiful images from the night check out the Little Death Site!
Imogen's beautiful act

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