Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Micheline Pitt's Modern Pin Up Hair and Make Up Dvd Review

Recently I was fortunate to borrow a friends copy of Micheline Pitt's Modern Pin Up Hair and Make up Dvd that Micheline released early this year.
If you don't know who Micheline is then I'm sure you know Pin Up Girl Clothing where she designs for the Deadly Dames in house range. Micheline is a Makeup Artist, Hair stylist and Eyebrow Guru as well as a model! Most recently modelling for Rick Baker of M.A.C Halloween range.
 Modern Pin Up Hair and Make up comprises of 3 discs and its great to see that it is Multi region! The amount of times I have invested in a dvd to find it will not play here in New Zealand is frustrating, though most dvd players/ laptops are now moving into multi region..
The 3 discs include Make up techniques and Hair for the 1930's through to the 1960's and a section on brows and contour.
Micheline goes in in-depth for each look explaining each technique she uses and its interesting to hear her approach to certain looks. I have adopted her technique for contouring just under your bottom lip to make it look bigger, this works for me as I have naturally thin lips. Another technique I have adopted is her use of 2/3 foundations on her client to mimic the different shades we have on our face. I used this on a client the other day and her skin came out beautiful with lovely definition.
In some of the looks Micheline does have a tendency to go quiet while she is working on a particular hair style or make up technique. If you are a beginner you can use this time to work along with her and recreate the look on yourself or a friend, pausing when you need to. If you understand the technique she is demonstrating then you can just skip ahead as I did.
Each look is clearly broken down and very well explained, you may hear a few techniques repeated when she is explaining the foundation application etc but that is to be expected as your base is the most important part followed by blending.
As a whole the dvd is a good investment if you want to recreate classic and pin ups looks. The tutorial on eyebrows is great as many individuals forget or need some refinement in this area. As a make up artist I learnt some great new tips! Which is important and always a bonus!
 So if you are in New Zealand and want to grab the DVD you can find it at or pop into Rachels store on Great North Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland.

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