Monday, October 28, 2013

This Boy...

Raiding our book shelves ~ the lower shelves hold his books
Busted mum!
Is 9 months old! The past 3 weeks have been a marvel with our little man! 
 Nothing is safe from his explorative grasp.....currently now he is investigating the broom.
He loves nothing more the doing laps around out hardwood floor. He is soo  mobile now that I have to constantly follow him around, his movement is a cross between butterfly and crawling.
He is easily frustrated by everything! So much to say and think?
He can now sit himself up from his hands and knees
Soo many toothy pegs are coming through and all at once. The past fortnight have seen 4 cut through at the top.
He gives any food ago, likes Tuna and Avocado, tried Ham not too keen on Peas ( Mashed).
He is engaging more with us! Crawling over to us, trying to get into our laps and holding our faces in his hands

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