Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our bouncing babe

While having a wonderful time in Wellington we did spend time with both of our family's catching up, laughing and marvelling at how much our little boy had grown since out last visit. Our friend Casey has such a natural talent at catching candid moments with our family and snapped a few shots of hubby and I playing with our little boy before lunch.

In the last month our little man
Has nearly mastered crawling, he is tummy scooting at the moment
Just got his first top tooth, now his 5th
Wants and will try any food you are eating and of course wants anything you are holding, in particular my coffee cup and the laptop ( he knows Wonky Donkey is in the laptop )
Has a new game to play with his grandparents, bouncing on the knee and making loud ahhhhh noises!( makes me laugh)
Just prior to his I can suck my toes moment! Cheeky Monkey!

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  1. he's so cute! I miss all of those baby stages so much x x