Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Linky Link Love

Good Morning!

I don't do these very often but recently quite a lot has been catching my eye . This week has been crazy hectic busy with hubby away, class, wedding trials and a photo shoot on Saturday that I have yet to plan. Only hint I can give you is that it incorporates my love of Pulp and Noir.

Modcloth explores a 1940's Home Ec manual and the images are gorgeous. Vintage View: Exploring a 1940′s High Schooler’s Home Ec Manual

I would be like a kid in a candy store! Lisa Eldridge gets a tour of the German Krayolan Factory!

Have you found the new Speakeasy! Magazine? its great to see soo many vintage magazine's coming out! Glory Days Magazine is about to release their next issue shortly.

Featured Image for Ballet dancers in random situations

Ballet Dancers in random places! I love the unexpectedness off it all and I'm still wondering how he doesn't slip in the bath.....that I know I would do.

The Vintage Dancer breaks down the 1920's make up look. Pay attention to what they used when films were Black and White and then moved to Technicolour. I first read about it in the New Max Factor book!

Locher’s: Parisian fashion with an edge

Locher’s: Parisian fashion with an edge - Very sweet! and a little tart!!

Feeling crafty? My so called crafty life has a lovely bunch of tutorials to try. I quite like the Vintage suitcase table.

Indulge in the whimsical with these 8 Tree house Hotels!

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