Monday, September 16, 2013

Dont be catty!

liquid liner, Cat eye make , Sweet painted lady
Great examples of the different cat eye liners that can be achieved. You can use pencil. liquid or gel liner depending on your preference. If you are worried about gel liner smudging then try setting it with a translucent powder or matching eye shadow on top.
balck and gold eyeliner
Via - A great cat eye for close set eye's, brightens up the inner corner and draws attention to the flick.

Via A great dramatic cat eye with bold colour, this would look great for a modern 60's vibe!

Via - This is a great and basic example of how to achieve a thick cat eye, to make it flow nicely with your eye, match your bottom liner up to the flick to under half your eye ( in line with your pupil)

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  1. great pics! I'm truly awful at cats eyes and end up with wonky wings x I like the gold accented on though x