Monday, September 2, 2013

All to Heart

If I saw this in real life, I'd probably cry + write a blog post about it.
Sometimes lady life likes to throw a curve ball and makes you go through the processes of trying to figure out why , what and how you feel about something. Long story short I had a great Saturday night our with great friends, performing and enjoying a cocktail or two when Lady Life decided to sucker punch me and decided that I need to revaluate life at 1am in the morning! Thanks!
Since my early teens I used to complain to my parents that my heart would race for no particular reason other than it could. They were obviously concerned and we went through the usual process at the drs where I was put on a pill to help regulate them ( some kind of beta blocker, I don't recall). Cut to my early 20's where they evolved into longer episodes, lots of light headiness and once fainting after to a bra fitting on a customer ( a novel way to way to keep your staff and customers on edge! ) so the cycle began again only this time I finally got a few ECG'S, and ECO cardiogram and a halter monitor for 48 hrs. All of which didn't show anything out of the ordinary, and of course left me frustrated as once again I had less answers was  pushed to the side and life resumed as they just became a regular occurrence of my day etc.
 My darling hubby is always concerned and would take me straight to the clinic if we were moving past 1/2 an hour of palpitation but as soon as you hooked me up to the ecg it did its thing for 5 or 10 mins and then would stop just as abruptly as it began.
 Saturday night, an episode began, 1/2 passed so I mentioned to the girls that I was just going to pop outside but if I didn't return then I would be at the emergency clinic around the corner. This is where they found me hooked up to the ecg, i.v and some drug I don't recall with a heart rate of . That is not to say that the whole situation didn't become more sobering and I finally got some answers, the dr was pleased as he managed to catch over 1/2 an hour of palpitations and work through the possibility's.
Mr English Dr ( Giles) pointed out that my ecg has characteristics of Wolf Parkinson Smith Syndrome ( tbc, but with no delta wave). Mr English then explained what my heart was doing and what it should of been doing, took some bloods, referred me to cardiology at the hospital and sent me on my merry way ( 2.30am)
I went home, had a little meltdown and was awoken at 7am by a phone call from Mr English asking to see me again that morning as my blood results were a little off. By the time we arrived handover had began but they were aware of who I was, I was seen by another Dr who broke the whole situation down, explaining that a specialist was already interested in seeing me and was in discussion about performing a ablation. This is were they go in locate the small abnormal area and cauterizing in hopes the electrical disruptions will stop! Fingers crossed!
I was also advised that I can no longer drink alcohol again and must wean myself of caffeine, living as clean as possible, those who know me well know how much a enjoy a good glass of wine or a nice strong coffee! I did ask if I was allowed the odd one at a wedding etc but was promptly told no! oh bugger, illogically I have had a sulk over it but know full well to live a better quality of life then it is what it is and I just need to do it. I was also put on Verapamil and told to wait on a call from Cardiology shortly.
Glad to get all off my chest, the whole point of this outpouring was to make sense of what I am feeling. The overwhelming feeling is because in 12 hours soo much has come about and it took me off guard. There is then the lifestyle changes I need to make so I'm having a little panic but will research, implement and get on with it! Feeling better and will now wait for the outcome of cardiology.


  1. O, sweetheart, that is indeed a curve ball!
    You're a brave and hardy lass, I reckon you'll conquer this challenge no worries, and get yourself off to a new life with no looking back!
    You have a loving supportive hubby and friends and you'll rock this! XXX

  2. Thanks Helga Baby! I'm sure we will get into the swing of this once it settles xx