Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1950's Modern Homes

The other week I came across some new books for the collection and they appeal to my passion for a mid-century home. These two book are a handy pick up and read size,  not overly thick but full of interesting information, tips and of course inspirational pictures.

1950's Modern British Style by Susannah Walker explores how the Festival of Britain was the driving force in contemporary design and the desire to reflect a new Britain  after the war.

The 1950's home by Sophie Leighton breaks down the 1950's home by exploring different aspects from architecture and layout to décor, fabric and furniture. This was my favourite of the two as it helps you to identify what you are looking at.

Both books are from, I grabbed mine from a book shop on Trade me in NZ but will be heading to Shirebooks website to see what else tickles my fancy. What are you reading at the moment that tickles your fancy?

**Update** I have been on their site and there are soo many tempting reads! Check them out

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  1. Oh I have these books too they are FAB aren't they. Thanks for the link to the publishers...agree lots to tempt ha ha