Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When blossoms herald treasure

Every time I head down to Wellington the Hutt Valley op shops never fail to disappoint me, last time it was a Bakelite bracelet for $2 and this time everything seemed to have a floral theme. Maybe it was the beautiful warm day and the welcome site of cherry blossoms everywhere.

A gorgeous rose print which matches perfectly with our pale green walls, though 2 mins after taking the photo it promptly fell off the wall and the bottom part of the frame popped off! Currently being glued as we speak.

1950's English tea tin, very sweet, not sure what I will use it for.
This purchase I was thrilled with! Mum's store is opposite a Salvation Army and she saw this hanging in the window. I popped in and found it was a 1940's Cotton Day dress, the pockets have gorgeous flaps on them and it has Bakelite buttons - All for only $18!! Looks great on and to be honest even if it didn't fit I would of brought it.
Another  stunning floral piece, this one is embroidered and I love the idea that someone spent many hours sewing it. I got this and the tin both for $5
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  1. Ohhh - Fabulous finds. I especially love the tin. SO cute!!!

  2. Greetings Sheree, and thank you SO much for following my blog. I just wanted to let you know that I have an English version of my blog:, which might suit you better. I am not sure if you understand Danish. Wishing you a lovely day. :)