Sunday, August 18, 2013

Westmore Cleansing routine follow up

Can you see my pores from there? Just kidding! anyone who knows me well knows I don't do serious very well and I'm bit of a goof!  I thought I better do my follow up to the Westmore beauty routine I posted about and how I found it!

So to take you back the routine advised to Cleanse with a cream cleanser , I used Queenie May Cold Cream, follow with a warm flannel on the face to let sink in.

I enjoyed this part as I enjoyed just taking the time to nourish my skin and give those pores a good clean with the warmth of the flannel.

Now wash with soap and water.

To be honest I wasn't to keen on doing this  but gave it a go, I was concerned with the squeaky clean feel it had afterwards as it practically strips your natural oils away! I have combination skin with very dry t zone ( being in the sun to much as a preschool teacher) so I didn't feel it did those pores any favours and I wont be continuing on with this.

Use a skin freshener - I used Witch hazel as its great on sensitive skin

I will defiantly continuing on with this as it sooths your skin and helps balance the ph level that has been affected by the cleansing.

Follow with moisturiser

For over a year I have been using Almond oil as it seemed to meeting my skins needs, but after having baby I have found that my skin is looking and feeling a lot drier and I am getting more congestions around the nose. I will be looking for something a little richer to hydrate with.

Overall the consensus was that it was great to lavish some attention on my skin as previously I have been a bit slack. I have kept the routine up since , dropping the soap and water part and have noticed my skin seems to be looking a little more vibrant. The chapter serves a s a great reminder that in order to have great make up you need to have a good canvas and keep it in good condition! Something I needed to take on board as I make my way through my 30's...gasp!


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