Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shimmy Shakedown!

For those who don't know I have been a Burlesque entertainer for 4 years here in Hamilton ( Yes we are everywhere) and have recently decided to really own as my previous job situation where not really supportive of the performance art...but that's a different story all together. This time of the year is generally quite busy in the Burlesque community so I thought I would plug a few of my upcoming gigs!

Shimmy Shakedown!

I'm really looking forward to performing at the Jukebox diner, its not often we get offered some very unique settings and of course I am pulling out a lovely Cheesecake style routine to compliment it. I have the honour of performing with the lovely Ms Tittle Tattle, Honey L'Amour ( Cabaret and Rockabilly Singer), Ruby Spice and The Southern Diplomats.

Tassel Twirling your cup of tea?

Saturday is packed to the brim with burlesque goodness! I will also be teaching the art of tassel twirling! A classic Burlesque gimmick perfect for on stage or in the privacy of your home. I love teaching this class, its always filled with giggles, gasps and laughter as each women discovers that they can indeed make their tassels fly!

In my experience through teaching Burlesque and performing I always encounter great questions and thought I would give you the opportunity to ask about what you would like to know and I can answer them all in a post. I'm passionate about Burlesque and its history so will hopefully give you some insight on the world of Burlesque ~You can comment below, send me a private email or ask via my fb page.xx
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