Sunday, August 11, 2013

Assorted Kitsch

How cute is this?? I picked up this super cute shelve from a assorted vintage bazaar and have just got hubby to pop it up in the Kitchen! I was going to paint it White  but we have a lot of Mid-century furniture which ties in with the colour. Still needs tweaking, I want to find some nice paper to put in back panel and still need some more kitsch pieces to fill it up.
Left to right , top to bottom:
50's kitty that I picked up for 50c, Babushka measuring cups, 50's squeaky baby toys ( hubby's mums)
50's dog head, lucky leprechaun ( Hubby had to go to Austria for a work a few years ago and a Irish man asked if he wanted some lucky charms?? He gifted this lil fella which is great because my family is Irish) Patty cake papers ( was running out of cute) 60's pixie egg cup,50's child's cup filled with assorted kitschy -ness.
50's Deer Salt and Pepper Shakers.


  1. ooh such a cute assortment!!
    i should really take a pic of whats on my kitchen mantle!

    1. oh yes I'm keen to see what assorted goodies you have