Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are you a Cuba St Colada or a Ponsonby Princess?

When we were in Wellington we caught up with my close friend Casey who brought me a gorgeous gift from a company called StyleSauce. It is a printed tea towel that has a cocktail recipe associated to a part of Wellington. Mine is the Cuba St Calada with a pin up gal to match and the outside façade of Logan Brown restaurant.

StyleSauce, Sweet Painted Lady

1 expresso shot
45 mls tia maria
15 mls spiced Jamaican rum
sprinkle nutmeg
45 mls coconaut milk
45 mls water
Shake all with ice, strain and serve in cocktail glass with chocolate coffee beans on the side...yum!
Here are a few other tea towels that have tickled my fancy


All images via the StyleSauce site

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