Monday, July 15, 2013

Paint a pretty face

A sneak peek from a photo-shoot I did on Sunday.
Image by Kate at Ryan's Daughter Photography and Make up by Lucy Major Make Up Artistry
I recently mentioned that we had made a few new decisions in our life and one of those revolves around our little man and putting him into day care. I am qualified early childhood teacher and have worked for 5 years and adore my job, but recently since having Corvan I can now appreciate the dilemma's parents face when putting their child into care. Will their routine stay the same? how will they sleep and so on. I also understand the benefits of attending ie: socialisation, life skills etc but I feel he is surrounded by enough friends and family with children to have these needs met.
As a result hubby and I discussed and weighed up what options we had taking into account when he attends school and school holidays and I decided to venture on a new path where I can work weekends and freelance!
So I have decided to become a make up artist, training at a night class provided by Michelle at Devereux and Villiger here in Hamilton. I grew up with my mother doing make up and I often to the make up for friends and family attending special events and the odd photo shoot. It is an industry where I can thrive creatively and indulge further in my love for vintage style.
So I guess I really am becoming a Sweet Painted lady in the make up sense! This  also provides a great opportunity to share what I have been learning and how the experience affects myself and our little family.


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