Sunday, July 21, 2013

Detox prep

Well the commitment has been made and hubby and I went out and brought what we thought we would need for the 3 day juice detox and raw for the remainder of the week.
Interestingly enough it cost about the same as a normal shop with meat and all of the other extras.

We brought some Spirulina tablets from the health shop, green tea with citrus and the many makings for different juices including frozen berries, pineapple. We did find it  a little limited being Winter here so the fruit selection wasn't at its prime. To add a little savoury we also grabbed some Miso soup paste, you can drink as much fluids as you like.

Stats in inches

Thigh 42
Waist 35.5
Bust 36.5

Weight 70.1 kg
Height 1.66

I also calculated my B.M.I which put me at the low end of overweight which I took with a grain of salt, I just want to feel balanced and revitalised again.

Tomorrow is a new coffee free day! wish me luck!


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