Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detox Day 3 - Final Day

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Day Three and I'm feeling great!

After the dark cloud of a lingering headache had lifted I awoke feeling fresh and energised for the day. Today is our last day of the juice detox and then we move onto as mush raw as possible for the remainder of the week. I don't think I have been more excited about have some veg with hummus in a long time!
I have owned Ani Phyo's raw food kitchen cook book for a while so I am keen to try several recipes out and if we like them I will incorporate them into our weekly diet.

Midway Stats

Thigh 41 inches  -1
Waist: 34 inches -1.5
Bust: 36 inches - no change
Weight: 69.3 kg  - 0.8

Not bad for three days, I will be interested to see what the results will be on Sunday

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