Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nosey in other peoples homes

Today I have the windows wide open letting the crisp Autumn air through the house and refreshing everything and motivating me to do a seasonal clean. In reality I keep finding an excuse to sit down, have a coffee and browse home blogs for inspiration! So today I thought I would share with you my  favorite home and design blogs.


decor8 - I have been following this blog for years, its always full of new inspiration and beautiful images.

Little birdie - Jens little blog about what inspires and drives their family.


My Scandinavian home - I love seeing inside other peoples homes especially those using the Scandinavian style influence.

Apartment Therapy, the ultimate in home design and showcasing peoples homes and apartments with mini tours.

Young House Love, another blog I have been following for years following the lives of John and Sherry as they renovate their home, they are currently moving their third home. Full of tutorials and inspiration.

ish and chi, Sydney based blogger Vivian shares her home,tours, interviews and inspiration.

Do you fancy this - Great Scandanavian design blog

The Selby - Explore interesting international homes, businesses and apartments

Right! back to the house work, what bloogs do you enjoy reading?


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