Friday, June 21, 2013

I put a record on the jukebox and it fit my girl just fine

Happy Weekend to you all!
We have had the wildest storms here this week ( the worse in 40 years ) and now much of the lower half is covered in snow, my home City Wellington has experienced flooding, roofs blown off etc with a few of my friends homes suffering serious damage.

Well today is the calm after the storm, the sun is shining, wind is crisp so we have rushed around getting errands done, drying washing before the next one rolls in ( gotta love Winter in NZ)

In other news my Freddies have arrived! I have been waiting for a few years to get some jeans from UK company Freddies of Pinewood who specialise is 40's and 50's reproduction denim and clothing.
After much thought I decided on the 1940's work pants and after following the measurement directions I settled on a size and ordered. Now for some reason there was a communication glitch but Jo was fantastic on the phone and great via correspondence on email and a week later they arrived!

Smile lady!, I have rolled the cuffs for today, this week I will press them into place
They have a lovely wide leg, for some reason I feel like I look a little short here
The denim is lovely, thick and heavy with no stretch, The fit was perfect! If you are looking at ordering some ensure you look at the measurement guide so that you get the correct size.
They also have lovely deep pockets on the back and sides and the zipper in at the side so that they sit flat at the front. Overall thoughts, I love the fit and they are very comfortable especially for day to day wear. I love the high waist as I am not a fan of having to pull my tops down with modern jeans. After looking at the photos I will try wearing them with wedges as well just to lengthen myself.
**Is anyone experiencing problems with blogger? ( outside of  the standard ones) I hade to save, close and edit several times just to resize the images.**

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