Sunday, June 23, 2013

Google reader time is running out!

Today was a chilly p.j kind of day so here is a archived shot of my favourite vintage jersey that I got from Sallies for $6, super soft and I love its frilled collar.

Hello, small service announcement!

I've been using Google reader for years to stay on top of all the blog subscriptions I like to follow but alas this will come to a end on July 1st!

As a result I have started to utilise my Bloglovin more and it seems a lot easier to read and navigate
that the Google format and if you want to know if your favourite subscription has updated it will flick you a email and make recommendations for the best posts of the day.

If you are worried about manually adding each blog you can go to your account settings and scroll down and it will import all your subscriptions for you with a few clicks of the button, easy!

You can also follow Sweet Painted Lady Via Bloglovin as I have now removed my previous and now redundant blog " A New Vintage". Click on the left side bar to follow.

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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  1. Most excellent, I have just followed you there. I like Bloglovin' too, I find it really good for checking new posts! XXX